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Sound design for videos, clips and films.

Soundmotions is an agency of sound design and musical creation, specialized in the sound illustration of online and offline videos and media.

The sound with videos, new strategic stake:
Nowadays, visual communication is no longer a sufficient mean for distinguishing itself from the competition. New communication technologies need a sound support to be efficient. Through our experience and our partnerships, Soundmotions brings you listening, artistic and technical services related to the sound. We pay attention to our service quality and we guarantee satisfaction of the need of our customers, who consist as well of professional musicians as private and public companies (advertisers, communication agencies, production companies). To guarantee the quality, you are directly connected with the composer.


Our services:

Thanks to his numerous partners, Soundmotions can provide you rich and varied skills. Thus, we can be in charge of the fulfillment of complex projects for internet - video - sound. We manage the project, you have a unique interlocutor, and so the delays are more reliable than if you appealed to different agencies to realize independently every part of your project.

Examples of projects:

All our realizations are original. They can be sold with their rights or for exclusive usage.

The musical compositions can be supplied under most of the formats: audio (up to 32 bits / 96 kHz), Real Audio, MP3, WMA.


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For now, we do not provide any job or training course in Soundmotions. Thanks.

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Soundmotions realized the sound of the following media animations:

Luxuries and Perfume Shop



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